The Graduation Party

I am at my graduation party in Suisse Romande, with Anna, Nicole and a girl I seem to know, whom I thought was german but in the dream is French or Swiss French. She is very beautiful. Maybe she isn’t the girl I know? Anyway, I would really like to go out with her. It appears she didn’t get married after all. This makes me happy until I learn she left on holiday.

Everyone was leaving. I was walking down the stairs and I saw half a bus with people I knew inside. They were discussing the people who left.

Suddenly the girl becomes Anna. I start to discuss about her with the people inside the half bus.

“How is she?” a girl asked.

“She has gone away,” I replied.


“Who?” asked a second girl.

“Anna,” replied a third girl who was part of the initial conversation.

“Was she a fat one?” the second girl asked.

“No but her cheeks got pink when she was going uphill.” Said the first girl.

“She was very pinky. She was the one that you know, at the altar…” I said. I recall that it timed out. That’s why they didn’t get married. Her fiancé didn’t seem to care. I feel like I have a chance with her.

“Oh, that’s horrible!” exclaimed the second girl.

I decide to go to Paris to look for her. I float to the southern border of the country and there is an almost cartoon like image of a gate. A pink tank on either side. They are shooting at each other. A motorcycle and men on foot.

“That is the description of any war,” i say to myself.

Then the side inside the gates rolls over them and runs over the first tank. They continue to advance.

I hear a voice in the sky, like a narrator of an old documentary, “..but then, as the guard is out, a new modern threat moves in.” Suddenly, these black clad, hooded mean with curved, crusade period arabic swords move over the hill, yelling.

All of this still as a 2D cartoon.

I am not floating anymore, I am there. I am scared. I start to panic. I run. A sword captures my calf. Excruciating pain.

“No, no, no!” I yell.

I have to wake up! I open my eyes and I’m in bed. I turn on the light. I am very tense. I can feel all the muscles in my body tightening up. I take the blanket off but suddenly it grows. The black clad beings are inside. Panic! I try to squash the blankets to make them disappear. It keeps growing. I fall off the bed and yell. Did I yell in reality? Or just in the dream?

I wake up (for real this time) and turn on the light.

It is 5:30 in the morning. The alarm is set for 6. I am scared of falling asleep again.


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