Sci-fi Extravaganza

I am taking care of baby Nico. At work. It makes no sense. I know I am at work, yet I am with baby Nico on a terrace. My mate from work Dan is talking about moving to the French coast on Normandy, however when he shows me the picture it looks a lot like Barcelona. 

We leave early on a trip with the babies. The boss says it counts as a business trip which is good.  I switch Nico for an older baby because the activity with the other baby is more interesting. After walking/hovering/teleporting to where we split up, Nico becomes grumpy and speaks to everyone except me. 

His activity boards him on a sail ship, crewed by the German navy. The ship then goes into outer space. They win (no idea what, but they win). When they tow the ship back through space the English crew inside the ship is received like heroes in England. The Germans are not and they go get drunk, led by their captain, who looks suspiciously like Jurgen Klopp. Then they realise the English are treated like heroes. They rally their crew and march on the town. Where their ship is waiting. Another mission. 

They set off again (no idea what happened to Nico at this point, I totally lost him).  The German and English crews  are both on board. The new mission is to conquer a new planet.

We land on the planet. There is a dirt road arriving at a wider mud road. There are some plants on the land and a gate. We walk through it and the locals arrive. Fighting ensues. The Germands are desperately trying to hold them back, but retreating with every step. Cue me with a flamethrower on each arm. 

“Aaaaarrhhhhhh,” I yell with a bloddthirsty, frenzied passion.  

I wake up


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