Fire at the Memorial

I am at an Italian’s party, with his sister. The father is refusing to serve any more alcohol because the people are getting rather drunk. Morning arrives and the father discovers me with the woman. He is rather upset. I make a run for it towards the van that is waiting on the road. We quickly load up and drive.

We get to Muhammad Ali’s memorial park. It is a mixture of concrete and plants. Suddenly I see a fire start. It begins to spread and consumes most of the park. My uncle quickly sets off the sprinklers on one side, to prevent the fire from spreading there.

I am now in a flat above the park. A mixture of smoke and water vapour is coming in through the vents. A group of local police is there, annoyed at the sprinklers. They had set fire to the Memorial. As I realise this, I discreetly call other authorities to request help.

The arsonists find out. Guns come out. I quickly rush downstairs and out of the building. From the street I can see the balcony. I see special ops trying to beat up my uncle who is dousing the flames. My uncle is old and frail, rage starts to consume me as I witness the injustice. Knowing I will need proof further on, I film it.

I decide to go into the building to confront them. As I walk across the intersection a car rams me. I get up and continue towards the building. Special ops gets out of his car and pulls out his gun. He grabs me and places me in a neck hold. I manage, somehow, to get inside the building. The owner of the restaurant on the first floor is not having it. She pulls out a stick and starts beating the special ops. Her daughter, the Italian’s sister, joins the fray and locks the doors. The special ops is subdued and locked in a wall compartment.

Finally, help arrives. We unlock the door and let him in. After a while I get suspicious and realise he is a baddie undercover. With a shotgun someone on our side gets his head blown off. He turns the shotgun towards me.

I look up. I can see through the floors to where my family is. They hear our screams and cry in pain.


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