The Recurring Nightmare

I blink in and out of consciousness. Too aware of his presence. His twisted smile grinning across my mouth, baring my own teeth at me. 
His voice. His terrible voice. “I’m here. I’m back” and then those eyes. Those manic, psychopathic eyes of a murderer. 
I get up. Unwilling to go to bed. I goto the bathroom. I feel his presence get stronger. I can hear him laughing inside my head. He flips our head backwards and opens the eyes wide staring at the ceiling. 
No! I can control him. He won’t take over. Then, as I wash my hands, I look in the mirror and He is there. His eyes and shadows making that dreaded X shape. He narrows the eyes. He breathes in and out heavily. 
His angry voice comes. 
“I am here. Your chemical prison cannot contain. I am growing stronger and soon you will not be able to stop me!” He roared inside my head. 
I resist the urge to shatter the mirror with my head. I force myself to look away. I shake my head and force him into the background. 
I am afraid to sleep. Afraid he will come during the night. Afraid one day, I will not be able to control him and let him loose upon the streets…


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