London Under Siege

I am walking down the beach towards a London which is partly underwater. Not flooded, simply built underwater. There imposing cliffs to the right, with the sparkling city beneath the crystalline waves. 

I plunge and start swimming towards a cluster of buildings. Suddenly two torpedoes speed by. They impact buildings which crumble. 

Alarm horns start blaring, the city is under attack!

I am no longer underwater but atop a building. Running on the rooftops. A voice is heard from the sky. If we want salvation we have to climb high. 

The buildings start to collapse. As they do so, shards of concrete are projected into the sky. A swarm of people desperately tries to climb up, to reach ever higher ground. 

Massive mechanical arms start shooting down, tearing into buildings. I look around and see a scene of mayhem around me. 

The alarm bell rings. I wake up. 


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