The Church

All of a sudden I find myself inside a massive Catholic Dome. It is ancient. The walls carved out of living stone and intricately decorated. 

It is quite dark. It is also quite holy. The sacred remains of some Saint are held in a special Sanctuary inside the Church. 

I go with my mother and brother towards the Sanctuary. We descend some stairs and are before the massive doors into the Saint’s chamber. There is a massive queue of people coming in from the other side. The priest opens the doors and let us in. Sky high ceilings greet us with a sepulchre in the middle of the room. The exposed body of the Saint lies in state. 

It is very solemn. There is not a sound. The line of people starts advancing towards the chamber. We go up some stairs and rejoin the main Church. 

There are ancient books to one side. As my mum and brother go to another part of the massive building, I go with Maurice towards the books. 

There are old engineering texts, written by the grand masters themselves. The foundations of our profession, preserved for all generations to behold. 

Maurice points me towards an imposing volume. It is the most ancient and sacred of texts. It is supposed to have engineering knowledge, and indeed it does, but it also has curses and rites of human sacrifice. The book scares me. I move forward to the part about Tolkien, the great literary master, but I never find it. I simply stumble across more and more horrifying texts. 

I put the book away. As I look around I see that the Church is empty. It is about to close. With horror I realise that if we do not hurry and exit the building we’d be spending the night in this place. This unwholesome place. For I did not feel God’s Blessing inside, but a constant unease as my body and soul felt under threat. 

I walk briskly past the sanctuary and the priests and rejoin the main crowd, leaving the building. 

As I exit the buildig into the darkness I wake up half dozed and groggy. It is still dark and I fall asleep uneasily once again…


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