I find myself in a city which I do not recognise. It is very modern, bright lights, wide streets, lots of cars.

It is at night. I find my cousin crying in a corner. She is very defensive and protective. She refuses to speak with me. As something is clearly wrong, I insist, gently coaxing her into confiding in me.

A young sportsman had had his way with her. Against her will. I do not know the details, but clearly she had been sexually abused and/or raped. A deep, dark fury rises up within me. I want vengeance for this.

I hunt down the perpetrator, take a picture and go to the police. They arrest him for questioning, but release him shortly afterwards. Him and his cronies get on a yellow bus with a white top (retro style) and start coming for us. We quickly scramble into the Land Rover and floor it.

The slowest speed chase ensues through busy streets. We keep a comfortable lead over the bus. We reach what looks like an outside food court. We descend and go up a ladder through a trap door into a restaurant. As I am having lunch with my cousin the guy shows up. He starts touching her. Fondling her. I grab him by the scruff of the neck, pull him back and start punching his face. I punch and punch, I beat his face into a pulp.

The dream stops there. It restarts immediately with me in a room beneath a staircase. Baby Nico is there. He is looking at me with a smile in his face. My friend also has his baby there. I suddenly get a horrible feeling in my stomach, an ill foreboding of something dreadful about to happen.

I look up from Nico’s face and see the authorities coming in. They grab the baby and go. I protest, but as soon as I try to go after them I held in a lock. My heart sinks. My mind fails. What is going on? Why am I losing my baby? Where are they taking him? The sorrow and heart ache threaten to overcome me. I start swooning.

I wake up, with those feelings still in my heart. Even though I groggily realise it was all a dream, I still cannot overcome the feelings. They were too real.

As I gain more consciousness, I realise a tight pain in my calf. It is cramped up into a ball. The intensity of the muscle contractions during the dream was such that for 4 days I had muscle pains on the calf, and could not walk properly.


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