The Demon

I am walking in a forest after a party. There were several people I knew at the party, some of them had come out to the forest with me. 
It is a beautiful, bright, sunlit day. The forest is wholesome and there is an air of tranquility about it. 

I go under a small glass ceiling. There is a bench carved out of a tree where an old man sits with his back against a glass pane. 

There is an air of wisdom and power about this man. He has a short white beard, properly trimmed close to his cheeks and balding white hair. 

Next to him is a younger man. Much younger. Maybe my age. 

I start speaking with them. At first the conversation is non-descript, then it turns. I am warning them of a lurking evil, a shadow that is coming our way. It seems a very odd subject to be discussing in such a wonderful place under such a glorious sun. 

Then, It appears. It looks like a man, but its eyes are soulless. As It looks at me, a horrible, evil grin spreads across its face. It raises its right hand and extends its index finger at me. 

I panic. A Demon from Hell is pointing at me. I try to scream, but I can’t. My body is non-responsive to my commands. My heart rate accelerates. I have got to warn the others. Why is my voice not coming? Desperation and anxiety grow in me. I slowly, very slowly, manage to raise my arm just about enough to point at the demon. Then, in nothing more than a hoarse whisper, with my mouth moving very slowly indeed, I manage to croak “It’s here”. 

As I feel my life being sucked out of my body the old man rises and gives me a sword. I grab it and the spell is lifted. 

I charge at the demon and swing the sword. He disappears into the netherworld. 

I wake up, panting. I immediately turn on the light. Was the Demon inside my room?


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