The Election

In a distant land, surrounded by ocean, there was to be an election for a new Leader. Naturally, it all happened on the sea surrounding the capital city. Lovely palm trees on the beach, with the blue-turquoise water lapping gently against the sand. But then, in the middle of the sea, three giant structures had been erected.

The first one, a cage. A cage of immense proportions. A massive net of steel, forming the shape of a sea creature. Inside, the poor human souls who were to be the sacrifice offered at the election. Sacrificed, as atonement to their crimes.

The second, a viewing platform for the Councillors and Statesmen. Ornate gold carvings on plush seats, full of blue-robed people. Waiting for the spectacle of the sacrifice.

I am on a boat which docks at the cage. The first prisoner is loaded unto the boat. A woman. Blonde hair, middle-aged. Terror in her face.

The boat speeds to the third structure. A massive cauldron, filled with wood chips, with a three apartment house at the top. We climb to the house, where we are greeted by the executioner, another woman in her mid-thirties. Our prisoner is taken to one of the three cells on the balcony. Another two arrive and fill the gaps.

I look in horror as I realise what is about to happen. The executioner laughs, cold and mirthless. Hollow eyes looking with glee at the three prisoners. He pulls a chord, and the fire spreads from the roof towards the woman who had come in my boat. She starts screaming, louder and louder as the flames envelop her. Then, the floor beneath her collapses and she falls into the cauldron. A human torch to light the ceremonial cauldron.

She writhes around, only lighting more and more wood chips until a veritable inferno extends itself towards heaven.


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