The Big City

I find myself in the middle og a crossroad at a great city. The great capital of the united world. There is a big skyscraper at three of the corners and a green park with an underground car park below. 

The skyscraper to my left, a great modernist tower of glass houses all the knowledge on fluid dynamics available to mankind. The knowledge essential to the world economy … And warfare. 

I push my wind from my hands and fly towards the entrance. I sneak in. The guards are immediately alerted to my presence. I go invisible and head towards the lift. I go in but there is a woman with a pushchair. I desperately try to avoid being bumped into as security passes by. The lift goes up and the woman leaves as I continue on my way to the top. I reach it and have before me all the knowledge from the top companies. 

I am flabbergasted at their plans. I leave the building and head to the slums, unsure as to what to do with the knowledge gained. 

I walk into a multistory building housing a run down tattoo parlour. Not really knowing why I go for a tattoo with a skinny man. I tell him what to do, but I look in shock horror as he disregards my design with mountains and an angel and starts etching a horrible demon on my arm, above my dragon and cross. 

I stop him and jump up. I feel the blackness coming and scream in terror. 

I wake up. And turn the light on. 


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