The School Reunion

I find myself on a film set. The famous blonde actress has to jump from the window, onto a beam and then run across onto the roof. The scene gets repeated several times. All around me, my old school classmates are there. We are altogether again, after so many years.

Then I find myself on the floor below from where she jumped, in a very squeezed room, where I cannot stand up, only crawl. She is there in bed, I go towards her. I hear a loud crash and a bang, and then we are running – enacting the rehearsal scene for real – and as I land on the roof I am being chased by the baddy. I fall all the way down to the street level, without breaking any bones, and run into a warehouse. The baddy follows me and starts shooting. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes, I am at the beach, in a restaurant on the sand. I slip into a hole in the sand with my cousin and two other people. The baddy comes rushing in. He does not recognise me and takes out his phone, looking for me. He takes out his gun and then aims it straight at my chest. He fires. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes and I am somewhere else. At a party. With all the people I had known at school. We are quietly reminiscing about days gone by. There are pictures going around, and I feel a certain joy in my heart. It appears to be a Christmas party, with the little children really enjoying themselves. The conversation moves to the very old video games, Nintendo (just Nintendo, as it was at that time) multi-player games. Someone then leads us into a room, in what looks like an abandoned military bunker, where all the Nintendos are connected via wires and it is set up for a massive multi-player shoot up game.

Then the baddy comes rushing in. I run. I go through a labyrinth of corridors, with him hot on my heels, shooting the whole time. I manage to get a gun and shoot back. I injure him. Then he flashes a wicked grin and shoots. Behind me. As I turn I see he has shot at a bomb. I run for dear life as the bomb explodes and sends me careening into the next room. Where another bomb awaits. As it starts to go off I run through a door, and I am back at the street the one I landed on after I fell down from the roof, exiting the warehouse. I look around and the crowded street, filled with filmmakers again, is a sitting target for all the bombs, so I warn them. Everyone starts running and there is a massive panic.

I cross the street and enter a different building. I am back in the bunker. I look around and the gun is aimed straight at my head.

I wake up. With a tight calf muscle and tired biceps. Feeling the fatigue of having run so much.


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